Cancellation of an Order

Our company allows you to cancel an order that has already been registered. This can be done in the following ways:

•     By sending an email to with the subject “Order cancellation” and including the order number, or by phoning 2310737745. You can cancel an order within 24 hours of making it.

After that, no cancellations will be accepted.

Returns and exchanges policy

Cancellation of order before delivery (right of withdrawal before delivery)

1. The Customer has the right to cancel the order, ie to cancel the purchase transaction, in a period of 24 hours from the order being made

Exchanging a product after delivery

2. If the Customer is not satisfied with the purchase they have made, they have the right to request to exchange the product purchased. In this case, the Customer can send an email to or call 2310737745 requesting to exchange the product for another product of his choice.

3. If the new product is more expensive than the returned product, then the Customer will be notified electronically, by e-mail, to complete a new payment (to pay the difference). If the new product has a lower price than the returned product, then will credit the Customer with the difference in accordance with the following.

Return of Products after delivery (Right of withdrawal after delivery)

4. If the Customer is not satisfied with the purchase they have made, they also have the right to return the product and request a refund of the price paid, as provided by Greek consumer protection legislation (right to withdraw from a sale ). In this case, the Customer sends an e-mail to at the e-mail address noted above,, requesting to return the product and for the price paid to be refunded.

Deadline for exchange or return of products

5. Any request to exchange or return a product must be sent within 14 full days of receiving the product.

Terms and conditions for the validity of product exchanges or returns.

Return or exchange of the entire product

6. Both the right to exchange and the right to return the product (right of withdrawal from the sale) apply to the purchased product as a whole and cannot be exercised on only part of the product (eg on product accessories).

Condition of returned products.

Product returns and exchanges will not be accepted if the product has been used. In this case the product will be returned at the customer’s expense. Products must be returned (for a refund or exchange) in their original condition, complete and intact and with their original packaging (including all accessories, manuals, etc.). They must not have been worn, altered or washed and the labels must still be on the product.

Shipping the products

8. The cost of sending products to be returned or exchanged, from Greece or abroad, is borne by the customer. The cost of shipping the new product is also borne by the customer.

Conditions for returning products.

9. If any of the above conditions are not fulfilled, is entitled either (a) to consider that the right to exchange or return has not been validly exercised, and therefore not to accept the return, or exchange the product, or (b ) (especially in the case of products that are not returned intact or which have been worn or used) to accept the exchange or return and at the same time to claim compensation from the customer amounting to the value of the damage caused to the returned product.


10. As soon as receives a request for a product return or exchange, if the above conditions are met it will credit the Customer’s credit card with the relevant amount. It usually takes 14 business days to process the request and complete the credit registration. The Customer will be notified as soon as the return/exchange request has been fully processed. If, as provided above, is entitled to compensation for damage to the returned products it will have the right to offset the relevant amount of the compensation against the price to be returned.


You can place an order on in the following ways:

  • Through our website using the shopping cart.

We will then contact you to confirm and process your order.

  • By telephone, if you call 2310737745.
  • In our store in Ampelokipoi, Thessaloniki at El. Venizelou 83. So we can provide the best service for you, please contact us by phone to make an appointment before you visit the store.